Tyre Marques  - best prices on tyres


Euroserve recommends Tyre Marques Tyres - Great Prices on well known brands of tyres.

Euroserve recommends Tyre Marques.
Tyre Marques have the best tyre prices on the North Shore.

Tyre Marques consistently have cheaper prices than the well known franchises, on the top brand tyres. They also have a large economy range to suit any budget.

Tyre Marques is a small family owned independent tyre shop servicing the mid north shore. Tyre Marques operates from the upper level of Killara Garage.

"We deal in top marque tyres and if you have a price to beat, give us a call,we would like to surprise you."


Because of the rebate systems and franchise fees that branded tyre shops are subjected to they have to build these costs into the price of their tyres. Tyre Marques have these extra costs, allowing them to give you best tyre price.

At Tyre Marques we are completely independent, with no allegencies to any manufacturer or supplier.



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